Jessica Marie Courts (J. Jig Cicero), 2016 Ohio Hip Hop Award winning best female artist was born Jan 11 in Cincinnati, Ohio and was reared in both Cleveland and Dayton, Ohio. Jig is a talented multidimensional songwriter and explosive performer of several different musical genres specializing in rap/hip hop. She is also a songwriter and performer of r&b, neo soul, and poetry.  Jig has been coined as “The Watcher” by her mentor, Brooke Knight because of her vast array of musical genus and story telling styles. Jig is gifted at painting lyrical collages of relevant experiences most often seen through the eyes of an inner city native. Not only is she a prolific narrator with a forthright and aggressive ear catching delivery, but also she puts on a dynamic stage performance that most anyone would feel fortunate to witness. An unyielding J. Jig has attempted to gain acclaim in her musical career before and missed the mark. Because of her newly transformed liberated frame of mind, she now understands that failure can be one’s best teacher. Jig has stated, “I just wasn’t ready, I didn’t know nor understand many things about the art form and about life as a whole that I understand today”. She holds herself totally responsible for past failure, she states, “ Immaturity, inconsistency, and lack of guidance are the reasons why I feel I didn’t fully get off the ground in the past”. This talent is truly one to keep an eye out for as she narrates about love, life, gains and losses and the societal state as a young adult in the global community.


J.Jig Cicero
J.Jig Cicero


Jig is by far new to the music scene. As a child she was influenced by older cousins all of whom were raised in the church, hence she sang in multiple choirs as early as six years old. Jig would go on to do cover performances in school talent shows of Timberland, Missy Elliott, Aaliyah. It wasn’t long after that she set her sights on becoming a major as well as, “a lyrical blessing” to the game.


She wrote her first piece at age 11, a song and performance that won her a prize of $250. A composition she calls, “a good first attempt at best”. With her winnings she went out and purchased all the Missy Elliot music and merchandise she could afford! Such a grand prize was enough to further motivate her to do more talent shows and write more music. Little did she know she would soon be taking request and performing before the mayor of Dayton, Ohio, Rhine McLin.  In her young career, Jig was requested to perform at weddings, funerals, townships, and an array of showcases. She has brought adult men to tears with her confident delivery and meaningful content.


Jig would battle other artist in school for odd dollars and loose change in the cafeteria. Soon she then was forced to end her cafeteria and hallway recitals when the faculty realized there was constant commotion and late attendance to class from other students. 


In later years Jig would align with teams of people who would further shape her musical prowess, the now disbanded Writers Inc of Dayton and 3MG of Cleveland, Ohio. In an effort to revive her musical career she has joined independent label Blue Blood Entertainment of which she has stake as partner as well.





As of May 15, 2014 Jig’s 1st official studio album was finished. Blue Blood has decided to announce an album street date for 1-11-2015. The album is titled The Resurrection and will print hard copies as well as distribute digitally.  Jig is currently working on a promotional mixtape album that will be available free of charge for download thru various areas.


Jig feels certain that music is her contribution to the world. When asked her ultimate goal she replies just that, “I want to be a lyrical blessing to everybody”. To advance this ultimate goal, Jig has enacted and watched come to pass several life-changing milestones over the past few years, all quite different than her previous practices. All of which has helped her transform into a newly reformed freethinker and dedicated student of the hip-hop culture.


Today she is a transmitter of positive thought and understands that dedication is the key to life’s successes. She has been reinvented; mind, body, and soul and has bravely taken the journey from once 400 pounds to now less than half of that and none of the negative baggage that it carried,  “I want to be an inspiration to all who aspire to be more than what is expected of them. I want to be a catalyst for a positive change now and into the future. I want to grow to be a better person, writer, and entertainer and take the necessary actions to see that these things manifest. I believe in myself and I believe in our youth and the music is a medium that can help make that change.”  Jig could very well be a vital link into a positive transition in the lives of the American youth.  J. Jig is the voice of change and catalyst for new direction in our culture. Talented, Confident, and aggressive, this is one artist who will not wait in line. This artist will pave a new path and make a lane of her very own.  Keep your eyes and ears open; this is surely one you won’t want to miss. 

J.Jig Cicero