Attention, Faith & Focus

Allow me to share this with you. We often try to accomplish things in our lives, but when the desired result doesn't manifest quickly enough we tend to throw in the towel. Life has a strange way of testing our faith, focus & will. I've been seriously pursuing my music career for about 4 years now. Through the ups and downs, wins and losses I'm still here. I must and will prevail. How do I know? Because my MIND is set on it. Over the course highs and lows I never waiver. I've been moving toward the goal with the same level of consistency. I have to. This is my 1 true love. For you: "Attention or concentration is probably; the most important essential in the development of mind culture. The po

SXSW Week was Crazy!

So much fun! So many people! So many dope entertainers and last but of course not least , a dope performance from yours truly. I ran into Dave East, Bun B, DJ Alamo and Gillie Da King just to name a few. We exchanged contact info to do things later outside of SXSW. With me in this image is DJ Alamo, Brand Nubian's DJ. Lol, he told me I'm the new Mia X. I see the comparison but I just aim to be a trend setter in a lane of my own. Still, she was dope so I appreciate the compliment. Next stop, San Diego California! Lets go! Oh and follow me on Facebook or Instagram for more photos and videos. Until next time. -Jig

Ladies, You Are Loved

Without women all would be lost. Today is International Women's Day! Yay for us! With that being said ladies, I want you to know you are beautiful, bold, loving, funny, strong, intelligent, driven and overall a wonderful asset to the human race. I can image that sometimes you feel neglected and passed over but guess what, nothing moves without us. So, in case no one told you today that you are and forever will be spectacular, I'll tell you. You are appreciated and loved. Now, before your favorite lady closes her eyes this evening tell her how awesome she truly is; grandmother, mother, wife, daughter, sister, auntie, niece, friend. Tell her. She wants to hear it. Trust me. And as always, than

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