In The Know or In The Dark?

You ever seen this monument? It stands erect in Elberton, Georgia. These stones are known to many as the new 10 Commandments. The Guidestones, are meant to be a guide into a so called "Age of Reason." Commandment Number 1 Maintain humanity under 500,000,000. Might I add, this is no conspiracy theory. I visited this location some 5 or 6 years ago with loved ones. We took this picture ourselves. Lets Do Some Math Currently there are 7.6 BILLION people on this earth. Let's subtract 500 MILLION. That leaves 7.1 B. The world governments and globalist have a lot of work to do! Corona Virus, George Soros Black Lives Matter Movement, mandatory vaccines and Martial Law. 2020 has gotten off to a bloc

New Chappelle, 8:46

My my my, what a challenging time we are living in right now. 2020 has been interesting to say the least. I won't get into it though. I'm sure you've seen and heard enough. So, let me get on with it. Dave Chappelle, one of my absolute favorite comedians, has released a new 27 minute special. It's entertaining as usual; however, a bit more serious. He addresses police brutality, the death of George Floyd, Kobe, John Crawford and Christopher Dorner. You're in for a brutally honest 27 minutes. And rightfully so, it's absolutely time to cut the games. Wouldn't you say? Check it out. Be well. -Jig

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