UP CLOSE - Q & A with J Jig Cicero


J Jig Cicero and Brooke Knight sit down to talk about what was, what is, and where it’s all going.

Brooke: J Jig, how’s it going? Been along time since Cleveland has seen you

J Jig: Everything is good. I’m blessed and have been working hard.

How’ve you been?

Brooke: Good I can’t complain thanks for asking

J Jig: Cool

Brooke: So what you been working on? Lets discuss the projects

J Jig: Well, the mixtape is currently out. It’s titled Left Fa Dead. Also, in 2015 I’ve got an album coming out, my first album

Brooke: Ya first studio project huh?

J Jig: First studio project 2015 first quarter

Brooke: What’s the name of that one?

J Jig: The Resurrection

Brooke: Where’d you track the projects?

J Jig: I tracked both projects at Lava Room Studio here in Cleveland. Had some good engineers over there. Brad and Austin really did their thing on the projects. I actually mixed the projects down in Houston Texas at The Baron with my main man Randy.

Brooke: Ok, so how many tracks are on Left fa Dead?

J Jig: 11 tracks on left for dead

Brooke: How many tracks are on the Resurrection Album?

J Jig: 11, 11 tracks on the resurrection

Brooke: How’d you come up with the name “Left Fa Dead”?

J Jig: Left fa Dead just came about because I kinda felt like a lot of people just left me out. Hung me out to dry

Brooke: Oh, you felt out casted?

J Jig: Yeah, so the label and I collectively came up with the name. We discussed it and it stuck. The Resurrection is kind of like a sequel to left for dead.

Brooke: I can’t wait for the people to hear those projects they’re hot!

Tracks are really smokin’ you did a great job

J Jig: Thank you

Brooke: Certainly. So what was your inspiration for the mixtape? Namely, whose music did you chose and why?

J Jig: I’m a huge fan of Kendrick Lamar so he was at the top of the list. I really wanted to rap over his track “The Jig Is Up” you know? Chance the rapper, huge fan of his so I did one of his songs. I did something over Future and Pharell too just to name a few.