UP CLOSE - Q & A with J Jig Cicero


J Jig Cicero and Brooke Knight sit down to talk about what was, what is, and where it’s all going.

Brooke: J Jig, how’s it going? Been along time since Cleveland has seen you

J Jig: Everything is good. I’m blessed and have been working hard.

How’ve you been?

Brooke: Good I can’t complain thanks for asking

J Jig: Cool

Brooke: So what you been working on? Lets discuss the projects

J Jig: Well, the mixtape is currently out. It’s titled Left Fa Dead. Also, in 2015 I’ve got an album coming out, my first album

Brooke: Ya first studio project huh?

J Jig: First studio project 2015 first quarter

Brooke: What’s the name of that one?

J Jig: The Resurrection

Brooke: Where’d you track the projects?

J Jig: I tracked both projects at Lava Room Studio here in Cleveland. Had some good engineers over there. Brad and Austin really did their thing on the projects. I actually mixed the projects down in Houston Texas at The Baron with my main man Randy.

Brooke: Ok, so how many tracks are on Left fa Dead?

J Jig: 11 tracks on left for dead

Brooke: How many tracks are on the Resurrection Album?

J Jig: 11, 11 tracks on the resurrection

Brooke: How’d you come up with the name “Left Fa Dead”?

J Jig: Left fa Dead just came about because I kinda felt like a lot of people just left me out. Hung me out to dry

Brooke: Oh, you felt out casted?

J Jig: Yeah, so the label and I collectively came up with the name. We discussed it and it stuck. The Resurrection is kind of like a sequel to left for dead.

Brooke: I can’t wait for the people to hear those projects they’re hot!

Tracks are really smokin’ you did a great job

J Jig: Thank you

Brooke: Certainly. So what was your inspiration for the mixtape? Namely, whose music did you chose and why?

J Jig: I’m a huge fan of Kendrick Lamar so he was at the top of the list. I really wanted to rap over his track “The Jig Is Up” you know? Chance the rapper, huge fan of his so I did one of his songs. I did something over Future and Pharell too just to name a few.

Brooke: What was the inspiration for the Resurrection?

J Jig: The inspiration for that was just my life and all the changes I’ve gone though. I’ve evolved a lot in the past 2 years, all the knowledge and everything I’ve gained is on the album. Also what I’ve seen the people around me go through.

Brooke: Back in the day you were making the pop the truck swang doors music? The stuff that you make nowadays…

J Jig: It’s a little bit different. Yeah, well you know, you grow up. I grew up. Now I’m still a fan of the pop the trunk swang doors music but you know (laughter) … and I’ve got some of that music on there as well. But I’ve got other music on there as well.

Brooke: So since you’ve got different variations of music then describe what’s on the album?

J Jig: The album is just in a lot of different places. I’ve got a lot of different music ranging from what I consider new age conscious to trap. There is some party music and some R&B. There is something for everybody, a good mix.

Brooke: So I hear they’re calling you The Watcher huh?

J Jig: That’s what the label came up with to call me because I’m so, “as they say” all over the place. Because I make so many types of music and the experiences come from a vast array of places and people. I make Music based on my experiences and my peer’s experiences. Based on the things I see. This is what I make songs about. So I watch and make songs, hence I’ve been coined “The Watcher”.

Brooke: What are the singles? What are some of the pieces they can look forward to hearing?

J Jig: Singles are “Yessa” and “Tainted”. Yessa is more club and Tainted is a more up beat conscious track

Brooke: My personal favorite is Bad Boy. I’ve got huge aspirations for that one. I can see you licensing that. Its hot you did a really good job there.

Brooke: I remember back in the day you were going by another name, Ladie JC. Some people call you that still

J Jig:Yeah yeah they still call me that. Ladie JC, that was my first stage name. The label advised me if I got a new make over then I had to get a new name. I wasn’t that keen on getting a new name I wanted to stick with Ladie JC but they were like no you've got a new swag, a new look then you gotta get a new name. I folded and now I’m J Jig Cicero

Brooke: What was the catalyst for that growth? Why’d you decide to switch the whole swag you switched ya whole m.o Come out with a different persona? Different face different everything?

J Jig: As Ladie JC I just wasn’t happy with who I was. I wasn’t happy mentally. I had a lot more weight on. I was 430 pounds and I was not digging it. So I switched my way of thinking. I went in the gym I lost some pounds. Now I feel like a brand new person and I think like a brand new person. So…

Brooke: You lost some negative energy with those pounds too right? That’s very important. I think it all starts there.

J Jig: Still got a long way to go on the weight side but you know…

Brooke: You not looking too bad though. You alright. Lol

J Jig: Alright alright. Ill take that Ill take that (Laughter)

Brooke: So as far as your career, where are you going? Where are you trying to take this? What are your long term and short-term goals?

J Jig: My short-term goal is to create a market where people are buying what we’re producing. When I say we I mean my label and which is Blue Blood Entertainment. We want to create a market where people are buying the music. I want the masses to know a j Jig Cicero album, a J Jig Cicero record. My long-term goal is to win a Grammy. That’s what I really want to do, win a Grammy

Brooke: That’s a fantastic goal. That’s ambitious.

Especially considering the way the market is now for music its tough. I don’t know whether its tougher now or maybe was it tougher then. Now there are so many avenues where you can actually get in the game verses before you had to actually get picked up by a label but now everybody can get in the game which makes the market oversaturated and possibly means more competition … but If you’ve got the ish and know where to go then you can be one of those people that collects that Grammy. Its very possible that you can make it. I wish you well on that.

Brooke: Enough of all this serious ish man. Lets talk about some real life everyday. What are you doing if your not working?

J Jig: If I’m not working I’m reading I’m writing…

Brooke: Still working (Laughing)

J Jig: Right, still working. I like to get a good work out in. I like to listen to music and drink cognac.

Brooke: (Laughing) What kinda cognac

J Jig: Hennessey is great all the time.

Brooke: What kinda music you listening to?

J Jig: Like I said, I’m a huge fan of Kendrick Lamar so I’m always bumpin some Kendrick. Chance the Rapper is awesome so I listen to him. Asap has a good album out so I listen to him too. I’ve come to like jazz. Sometimes I tune in to 107.3 the Wave.

Brooke: So you vibing to that Paul Hardcastle, Marion Meadows, Boney James

J Jig: Yeah yeah aint nothing wrong with that

Brooke: Aint nothing wrong with a little boney

J Jig: Especially when you sipping cognac. Make ya ride a little bit smoother

Brooke: Little toe tapping


Brooke: What books have you read lately? What books are you reading?

J Jig: The last book that I read…and It was really crazy because I started reading it two weeks before the author passed away. I just finished reading I know why the caged bird sings by the late great Maya Angelou. It was a good book the way she worded things was nice. I liked it

Brooke: She’s got nice wordplay on her.

J Jig: Yeah yeah that was the last book I read. I like the coldest winter ever. I think that’s one of my favorite books

Brooke: Sister Souljah

J Jig: Sister Souljah Coldest Winter Ever, yeah that was a good book.

Brooke: I know you have much to do. I wont hold you

J Jig: Not to busy, not too busy not to do an interview you know

Brooke: We’re gonna get outta here. I just want to say I salute you for over coming past obstacles

J Jig: Thank you Thank You

Brooke: I’m looking forward to your future, as I know you are.

J Jig: Yeah I’m looking forward to it too!

Brooke: It should be good for you. I can see it being good for you. You’ve got a couple of good projects. Congratulations on the successful production of your new work

J Jig: Thank you

Brooke: And ya new name and ya new image and …

All of it new

New everything New ish like Ricky right? Happy new year to all you new ni&&as

J Jig: Right! That’s my cut!

What is that bound 2?

That’s my cut

Brooke: Yeah Thanks for coming down so we could knock this out. Keep your fans well informed

J Jig: Thanks for having me

Brooke: No thank you.


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