What's in Jig's iPod?

I've got this kid from Chicago, Chance The Rapper on repeat. I'm listening to his Acid Rap Mixtape. I'm really into the songs Good Ass Intro, Cocoa Butter Kisses and Lost.

I just stumbled across him as I was listening to Drake one day. Drake came off on Draft Day like, "And if I left shit to chance I would've picked a name like Chance the Rapper

Yeah, no offense cause I don't know that nigga"

From there I started fishing and found the mixtape. I saw he was nominated for best mixtape by BET so I had to take a listen. He can sing and rap. He is original and he's got a sound I've never heard before. I stumbled across a jewel. Dude is awesome! So awesome I remixed Cocoa Butter Kisses on the Left Fa Dead Mixtape. Check him out. It'll be a treat.