What's In Jig's Ipod?

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I am currently listening to Stalley’s OHIO album. My favorite songs on the album are Chevelle, Boomin, and One More Shot. Stalley makes feel good music, and who doesn’t like to feel good? I love Chevelle because it’s unique. Plenty of people have made songs about cars, but I think it was the hook that did it for me. The hook is very convincing. It really makes you know that this guy is in love with his Chevys. I like Boomin because it has an old school feel with a new age swing. Plus the bass makes my trunk rattle something crazy! One more shot is just a smooth R&B/Rap track. I think Stalley, Ricky, and August did an awesome job collaborating. I’m really digging Stalley’s flow on this one!

If you haven’t copped the OHIO album do it now! Especially if you are from Ohio! Come on now, it's only right! #OHIO -J Jig

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