Decide, Commit, Lose The Weight

A few years back I weighed a whopping four hundred thirty pounds. Thus far I’ve lost over one hundred pounds but I still have a long way to go. I want to share a few key things that helped me drop the weight.

  • First and most importantly is maintaining a positive mental attitude as well as a desire to live a healthy lifestyle. Daily you must keep in mind that thoughts are things and as a wo/man thinketh so shall s/he be. Dedication, disciple, desire, and application are key to the results you seek.

  • Secondly, I completely changed the way I ate. I removed everything white from my diet and replaced it with brown. That means brown rice, 100% wheat bread, orange potatoes (yams or sweet potatoes), whole grains and no sugar. I think I speak for many when I say sweets are my weakness. I love cake and I over indulged! I think it’s very important to not buy sweets and bring them home. If you absolutely must have an occasional desert, then purchase an individual scoop of ice cream from your favorite parlor and eat the scoop on a walk or drive. Please don’t buy a gallon and take it home. Out of sight out of mind.

  • Thirdly, bake instead of fry. I’m a fan of fried chicken, but when I switched from fried to baked chicken I became a fan of that too!

  • Eat more green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, greens and green beans.

  • Make smaller portions. Even try eating from a smaller plate. During my journey I did some research and I learned that we are actually supposed to eat 5 small meals a day to keep the metabolism burning and hunger pangs away. Eating 2 or 3 large meals a day can cause overeating. By the time you eat dinner, its possible you feel so hungry you just bash everything in sight. Remember, try more meals and smaller portions.

  • Drink more water! Sometimes a drink of water will fill the desire to eat when you’re really not even hungry.

  • Changing the way you eat is definitely an important part of losing weight but even more importantly is your activity during the day. Don’t just sit there. Get up and get out of the house. Take the stairs, walk to the store, ride your bike, sign up at your local fitness center! Get active! It’s a must.

I can honestly say that I used to be mentally and physically lazy, because of that my entire life including my career was at a standstill. Bad eating habits and laziness lead to gaining a ton of weight. The end result was sadness.

I decided to change everything. I started working out at home with workout DVD’s like Tony Horton’s P90X. I went out and got myself a job, which helped me spend less time at home and around a kitchen. If I was bored I’d take a walk. Instead of getting rides to nearby places I walked. A combination of activity and diet played major roles in my weight loss and the pounds starting melting off of me. People look at working out as this dreadful thing. It isn’t dreadful at all. Find something you enjoy and do it often. It makes you feel good! It also helps to maintain stress.

Last but not least, I had moral support. My best friend gave me the tough love and support that I needed. Sometimes we need a push, a little tough love. If you can partner up with someone that is already motivated to take the journey then you both can push and inspire one another. Nothing worth having comes easily, so keep that in mind on your tough days. Not everyone has moral support so you have to be determined. Everything starts with self. You have to want it for you. You have to say to yourself “self, we’re going to lose this weight!” Then once you make that decision, do everything within reason to do just that. I’ve struggled with my weight all my life and you’re not alone. Losing weight and maintaining it is possible; however, it demands a lifestyle change. You can do it. Look at me.


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