OHHA 2015, And The Winner Is...?

I'm on the ballot for the Ohio Hip-Hop Awards 2015 and I get to perform on the main stage! I'm really excited. A lot of you’ve been rocking with me all year and I appreciate you for that. We've had a phenomenal year at Blue Blood Entertainment! I feel like I've been all over the world! I've performed in all the major cities of Ohio. I've also touched Hou, Mia, Atl, Chi and Det! I’ve been on the most grueling yet rewarding grind of my life and I'd love to bring this award home but I need your help.

I have been nominated for two categories:



If you feel I am worthy of this nomination please take a moment to vote. Voting takes approximately 5 minutes. Just click the link below. This link will redirect you to another page. Simply input your name, email address, city and state. Scroll down to ballots #12 and #17 click the circle next to J Jig Cicero. From there scroll to the bottom click “NEXT” and your done. It's been a fabulous year. We will forge on and continue to bring you quality music in the years to come. I promise each year will be better than the last. Thank you for your vote! Hope to see you Sept. 20th Many blessings to you all.

*Voting ends 9/14/2015 at 11am. Voting is continuos and can be done in 24 hour intervals*




J Jig Cicero for:

✔️Best Female Artist (#12)

✔️Best Live Performance (#17)

For tickets to the award ceremony click this link:


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