Drum Roll Please. And the winner is… J Jig Cicero

Ummmm that would be me! For 52 weeks I’ve been grinding towards two goals, the 1st being recognition and the 2nd being a share in the market for my music. My first appearance as J Jig Cicero was last year August 2014 at the Glenville Festival. Since then, I’ve recorded one mixtape had several video shoots, showcases, radio interviews and have also gone on a promo tour. I recorded my singles “Cant Tell Me Nothin” and “Imma Dawg” early February 2015. It’s been a long challenging year but I wouldn’t change it if I could.

Two weeks leading to the awards I was so nervous. The ballot was tough and the competition was fierce. I was nominated for two awards: Best Female Artist and Best Live Performance.

I took Best Female but my guy Crazy 8 The Great, rightfully took Best Live Performance.

I was also chosen to perform at the Ohio Hip-Hop Awards this year as well and I’ll never forget it, lol. Moments before my performance, I had cramps in my legs, my mouth was so dry, I was sweating, my dancers were late, I didn’t know whether I’d be alone or not and Brooke kept pacing back and forth, smh. Wild I tell you. Then Shuga Booga introduced me and called me to the stage, it was showtime. My dancers did arrive so my performance went well but then it dawned on me, I still have to wait to find out if I’d won either of the two awards. Sept 20th was probably the longest day of my life. Ironically, the OHHA team put Best Female Artist at the end of the night, so I had to wait and wonder. I’ve never wanted something so much in my life. I worked so hard. I secretly confessed to Brooke that I’m tired of coming in second and I don’t want to be the loser ever again. This whole experience has been pivotal in my life. Finally, Josh and Matt Maunus of Top Of The World Studio takes the stage to present the Best Female Artist Award and the winner was me! Too excited, so excited I cried. Brooke was on stage before me hugging me and taking the award. Lol. Thankful, so thankful you all will never know. So, cheers to you team, family, friends, supporters. We did it! Thank you so much. The best is yet to come. Stay on the ride! Love you all. #TheJigIsUp