Keith Carter aka Big Kap Dies at 45

J Jig Cicero & Big Kap ATL

One of the most respected NYC DJs in the game has died today, Feb 3rd, at approximately 4am from a heart attack.

I met Big Kap in the Atl at a mixer. Seems so weird that he has passed away. Kap was a NYC legend, known for his work with Big and Funk Flex in the late 90’s on an album titled: The Tunnel which featured big name acts including Jay Z, Bleek, Em and late rappers Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.

Big Kap has returned to the source but I’ve got a piece of him right here. Gone but never forgotten. Legends live forever Kap.

Take care of yourself and others. Life is a gift stay thankful and many blessings to you all. Salute -Cicero