Cleaning Out My Closet.

Forgotten 2014-2019 could be labeled a classic for the diversity in song content and artist collaborations. Although it’s a smoking endeavor, the unrefined basement mixes and unfinished sound is what makes it fall short. In my opinion, it’s best described as a lost files project. Someone asked me,“Jig, why forgotten?”

Because these songs were nearly forgotten. My supporters are the ‘go hard’ type. I play something on Facebook and on the ‘gram and they say, “Where can I find that?” Although unpolished, I know they’d want them anyway, so I just released all the songs. These are the songs that never made it out, not because they aren’t good songs but because of small nuances. In search of perfection, you can point out a host of possible improvements. A better mix, or even hope that the singer-collaborator stops back through and tracks a better, more rehearsed, more confident vocal. Yeah, that’s what this is. A collection of songs that never saw the light of day, although many should have long ago. Here, I’ve compiled 17 songs – majority finished, some a little short of that, to bring to you what I call Forgotten 2014-2019. Hip hop fans that have fallen in love with my diversity on the track will fall in love with this project. They’ll listen to this record for the broad subject matter. They’ll listen to this for the lyrics. True J Jig Cicero fans will enjoy. This is a listener’s opportunity to hear the growth in my artistry song by song, year by year. Although not the most polished, it is rather special.

Looking forward to the critiques. Pre-Save or Pre-Purchase with the link below.