Songwriter, Rapper, Author! Author? What!!

I'm excited to introduce to you my first book, Overcome! Yeah yeah, I know! Big right? Dave Tolliver hit up this morning and was like, "A Book Jig!" Wow.

It won't be my first either. Expect a series good people, expect a series. People are already hitting me up asking for another. I got you, trust me.

Overcome, was heavily influenced by the DMs and inboxes I get on the daily from friends and supporters of both my IG and FB pages. People often ask, "Jig, how'd you do this?” or "Jig, how do you deal with that?" So, as usual, I decided to put the pen to paper.

I wrote Overcome, as a coping and healing mechanism, in hopes that my story can help many of you.

Failed relationships, obesity, sexuality, depression, dependancies, fear and lifelong insecurities: I have personally been face to face with all of the above.

A guide to becoming mentally unstoppable!

If you, like I, have had trouble getting past the hardships of your life, then this read is for you. Overcome deals with how to manage your emotions, develop mental toughness, and build the confidence needed to stand firm & fearlessly walking in your path, whatever that path may be.

Within the pages of this book are real-life experiences & solutions that, when applied, will help you to become mentally invincible.

What I learned is that nothing can stop you from manifesting the vision you have for yourself. But you have to develop the courage and strength needed to get over the pain and insecurity that life has so generously bestowed upon us all.

Easy? No. Doable? Yes.

Be the hero in your story! Find the will to Overcome and let nothing and no one stand in your way.

Check out the book. We probably have more in common than you think.

To order, click the link, Order Overcome Now! or send me a quick text, I'll help you place the order: 678-757-5310

Again, be the hero of your own story!

You already know how I feel, It’s all love.

Talk Soon